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A few weeks ago I decided to photograph some of my old visual art pre-april '02...I haven't done any big projects since then, except for that manga I tried to do for the UBC Anime Club round-robin comic in 2002. The photos are crappy, but I thought I might share. You know, i like looking at paintings up close, sort of see how they did it. The guard at the museum told me to step back. Pishtosh.

Most of them are unfinished, and I am my biggest critic, so I will nitpick for you! :D I'm a little critical with art in general...my skill is really limited, as you can see, but I still know how things work, and colours and balance and shit, so I like to give suggestions, haha...unless you don't want my critique. I think it's weird for some to accept from me, I guess since I don't even do art anymore, and my own is so full of problems. *sigh*

This is Part I. Upcoming parts will include: sculptures, battleship linoleum cut/print, sketches, shitty pastel, self-portraits, scribble CG (recent), old photography, etc.

Letter Y
Acrylic, 18x24

Grade 12 Art AP class...take a letter from your name, paint it so you can't tell what it is anymore. Could be better, lines more defined. As you may be able to tell, I am influenced by Vincent Van Gogh, one of my favourite artists.

Drunken Bunny (unfinished)
Acrylic, 18x24

AP class again...it's unfinished because I quit Art AP and just did regular stuff. I got tired of directed art. Anyhow, this is a bad photo, it captured too much of the shine, warping the colours a bit. It should look dark, but more vibrant in real life. I had this thing for weird furniture back then. Influenced by Chris Martin Furniture, and Salvador Dali (another favourite).

The Argonath - Isildur and Anárion (unfinished)
Acrylic, 16x20

This is from art class at UBC...we had to do a monochromatic still life, and I chose to paint the Argonath statuettes from The Fellowship of the Ring special edition DVD. ^_^ This painting is soooo bad, and I made a lot of mistakes that I didn't bother fixing because I didn't care. I think on Isildur (i'm guessing at who is whom) I used the wrong paint - it's a hue, so didn't paint like Anárion, who is crooked, by the way. However, I am fairly proud of how the clothes fold near Isildur's sandal. This painting could have been so much more and I like it very much. At least I got a B.

Various objects for Still Life study (unfinished)
Acrylic, 14x18

UBC art class. I had to do a colour still life, and I did this one along with another painting, plus The Argonath in the same night. Wow, I hated art class. I got super lazy with the background and colours because I didn't want to waste excess paint. The objects have no depth, but I kind of like how the unicorn turned out.

The Virgin of the Rocks copy (very very unfinished!)
Oil paint on thick prepared paper (I think), 12x12?

Grade 11 art class I did way better at because it was very lax...i got 98% in that class! We were learning oil painting, and had to copy a work from one of the masters. I am also into Leonardo Da Vinci so I did the angel from The Virgin of the Rocks. First I did a drawing in pencil of the original work, and that turned out almost exactly like the Da Vinci, then i went over it in chalk, and transferred the lines on the prepared canvas (already painted with a dark brown base). Used linseed oil to thin out oil paint and everything...this hideous unfinished painting was put in a juried art gallery showing, and someone offered to buy it! Crazy guy! He asked my teacher who informed me...and she recommended i not sell it, just because it's precious, and i agreed. ^_^ I don't know what it was offered though. I made so many mistakes...the shapes are all wrong. But I love the folds of cloth on the shoulder...I think that part would have turned out cooler. I wish I finished more of my art, haha.

Pastel on black, 18x24

For Art AP, part of my "Fantasy" theme, with legendary creatures/symbols. From Wikipedia: The name ouroboros (or, in Latinized form, uroborus) is Greek for "tail-devourer". Look it up yourself, hehehe. Could have been better, seeing it now after 5 years.

Starry Night variation
Pastel in sketchbook, 7x10?

We had to do a variation of an original painting. Like I said, I like Van Gogh, okay? Haha. I threw in some present day buildings...a little ugly, but I think it works with the messiness. My teacher liked this one and made a slide of it...thought it might be too similar to the original though, so it wouldn't be submitted to the jury...

Paper Bag + Toothpaste
Staedtler drawing pencils!, 8.5x11

Uh...high school still life? Damn you paper bag exercises...the toothpaste isn't quite right, but close enough. I think this one is really awesome. I ROCK.

Bottles Still Life
Pencil, 18x24

UBC art class exercise, drawing bottles. The fish one was cool, but the bottles are crooked and it's all wrong. Ah well...still taught me something, like shading and crap. Lazy fish scales.

Dali inspired drawing (unfinished)
Pencil, and it's big, i know not the size!

For high school. You know I like Salvador Dali. I used some repetition (find the other girl!) and was going to do so much with this, but got lazy. I got fingerprints on the white part! >_< So hard to keep clean! Drawers inspired by Chris Martin Furniture again.

Ink, 18x24

High school exercise where we drew from real sunflower carcasses...I love this one very much. Brighter and happier in person - i capture dying flowers quite well, I think.

Charcoal, 18x24

High school - another still life. From a pendant of a demon holding a marble, and some flower hair pins. It's on my wall. I made a mistake on the top flower but it's fixed with...fixative...so it's extra shiny and doesn't photograph well.

Mixed Media
Mixed Media thingy with Cowboys
Mixed Media, 18x24

HS - So...magazine cutouts, acrylic paint...there's some silver paint in there too! Cool, eh? That's all I have to say.

Overhead, 8.5x11

Backstory: The Anime Club that year wanted to start a round-robin manga going...and well, I was an exec and I started it off, kinda. Half-assed, but oh well. Mike [[livejournal.com profile] limousinedriver] wrote the story (check out his writing on his LJ!), even though I only put a bit into it since it was only 4 pages. However the idea didn't take off, and this is all we have. I didn't know how to draw anime style, lol. It was originally drawn in Sharpie, but I took pictures of the overheads we made. Hence the double-vision thing on the paper.
The Girl in the Glass pg.1 - the girl is sort of Sharon Apple but changed. Glass shards don't fit anywhere in particular.
The Girl in the Glass pg.2 - haha yay lack of perspective, and lazy attention to angles! Are there houses like that in NYC? @_______@ Shh, 40 years into the future!
The Girl in the Glass pg.3 - made a mistake on the first woman in chamber, also wheelchair man is awkward! i know not anatomy! those wires sure are thick for a wheelchair! who the hell are the people in there? Creepy old man...
The Girl in the Glass pg.4 - i screwed up this girl too...and i'm really not sure what the snowflake was about either. i've forgotten.

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...i especially like the pencil and ink/charcoal stuff!...


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